Backhoe Rentals

Backhoe Rentals in Houston, TX 

If you need reliable backhoe rentals in Houston for your next big project, LM Rents has got you covered!

Backhoes are used for a wide range of projects, like construction, landscaping, demolition, trench work, utility work, and other loading jobs that require powerful machinery.

The problem is, hauling around a giant backhoe for occasional use is a massive task and can become quite costly.

At LM Rents, our wide range of heavy equipment rentals solves that problem for you!


With our expert equipment rental services, we can quickly and conveniently get you the backhoe rental you need to get your job done right. 

Houston Backhoe Rental Benefits

  • Quality Guaranteed

    We keep our backhoe rentals in the very best shape at all times to ensure optimal performance.

  • Zero Repair or Maintenance Fees

    When you own the equipment, all of the costs to maintain it are your responsibility. With our backhoe rentals, you get all the benefits of high-quality heavy equipment without the outrageous price tag.

  • Forget about Investing in Equipment Storage

    Personally owning large, heavy machinery requires proper storage space to keep the equipment secure and protected from the elements. When you rent a backhoe from LM Rents, storage is not a concern.

  • We Offer the Newest Equipment Rentals Available

    Heavy equipment rentals like backhoes are only as dependable as the company you get them from, which is why we only house the newest models that are in the best shape. We professionally maintain and service all of our equipment regularly so that your job goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Our Team & Powerful Equipment Make Your Life Much Easier

    Our backhoe rental services are all about offering our customers the best cost savings and convenience Houston has to offer, all in one place!

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Backhoe Rentals in Houston

Choosing The Right Backhoe Rental for the Job

Choosing the right backhoe/loader rental for a project is crucial. After all, time is money. The last thing you want to deal with is setbacks from inadequate, outdated, or failed equipment. 

The specialists here at LM Rents alleviate that stress by stocking only the most reliable backhoe rental equipment available.

Here are the main aspects you need to consider when picking out a backhoe rental:

  • Project Type
  • Horsepower
  • Operating Weight
  • Lifting Capacity 
  • Lifting Height 
  • And Digging Depth

As long as you can describe your basic project needs, our team can get you the perfect backhoe rental for the job, hassle-free!

Kubota Backhoe Attachment Rental

Backhoe Attachment Rentals

Backhoe equipment rentals are great for almost any project, offering a priceless dual functionality by adding additional attachments to your tractor if needed.

Some of Our Backhoe rental attachment options include:

  • Fork Pallets
  • Hammers
  • Multipurpose Buckets
  • High-Tip Buckets
  • Side-Tip Buckets
  • Fixed or Non-Fixed Ditching
  • Bucket
  • Bale Spike
  • Grapple Attachments
  • Grinders & Crushers

With our wide array of heavy equipment rental attachments, we can help make your job much easier, much faster, and more affordable.

LM Rents – Houston’s Top Backhoe Rental Service

If you need a backhoe rental you can rely on for your next project, call LM Rents today at (855)-956-7368.

Our knowledgeable equipment rental team is more than happy to provide you with precisely what you need, whether we have it immediately on hand or not.

Although it’s unlikely, If you need something we don’t have on hand, we can make sure to get it for you within 24 hours to ensure you are fully equipped for your project.

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