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Kubota R630 Loader

Powerful and comfortable wheel loader.

A bold redesign emphasizing comfort and efficiency, with a spacious cab, powerful Kubota engine, and superior maneuverability. Our wheel loaders are most often operated in heavy terrain, so we include features for top performance in these conditions. Articulation allows the rear tires to follow the same track path as the front tires for greater maneuverability and control of the loader. Rear frame oscillation is intentionally chosen over rear axle oscillation for superior workability in uneven ground conditions.

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Equipment Specifications
Emission CertificationTier 4 Final
Output (SAE J1995 gross)64.4 (48) / 2400
Output (SAE J1349 net)61.2 (45.6) / 2400
Displacement (cu. in.)160 (2615)
Transmission TypeHydrostatic transmission
Overall Length17’ 0” (5185)
Overall Width5’ 11” (1805)
Overall Height8’ 2” (2480) / 8’ 2” (2500)
Ground Clearance (in.)13.8” (350)
Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate (GPM)17.8 (67.2)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure (psi)3000 (20.6)
Standard Tire Size405/70R18
Traveling Speed: High (mph)12.4 (20.0)
Traveling Speed: Low (mph)3.0 (4.8)
Traction Force (lbs.)8593 (38.2)
Front/Rear Axle Traction LockDiff-lock (both axles)
Articulation Angle (deg.)40 (each direction)
Angle of Rear Frame Oscillation (deg.)±8
Loader Clearance Circle (mm)27’ 3” (8295)
Turning Radius Track Circle (mm)11’ 4” (3445)
Brakes (Service)Enclosed wet disc
Tipping Load (Full Turn)
6459 (2930)/7000 (3175) / 4993 (2265)/5390 (2445)
Tipping Load (Straight)
7606 (3450)/8212 (3725) / 5842 (2650)/6305 (2860)
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC)
3229 (1465)/3500 (1587) / 2496 (1132)/2695 (1222)
Standard Bucket Capacity (yd3)1
Bucket Breakout Force (lbs.)10415 (46.3)
Lifting Capacity at Ground Level lbs. (kN)8505 (37.8)
Loader Raise / Lower Time (sec.)5.9 / 4.2
Fuel Tank (gal.)18.5 (70)
Hydraulic System (gal.)15.1 (57)
Hydraulic Reservoir (gal.)10.3 (39)
Operating Weight lbs. (kg)10229 (4640) / 10725 (4865)
Hinge Pin Height10’8″
Dump Height at Fully Raised Position8’3″
Maximum Dump Angle45 degrees
Reach Fully Raised at Maximum Dump Angle2’6″
Steering Angle40 degrees
Frame Oscillation Angle8 degrees
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