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Excavator Rental Houston, TX

If you need a reliable excavator rental for your next project, LM Rents is happy to take care of you!

Excavators are useful for a wide range of projects, like general construction, landscaping, agriculture, and many other projects that require powerful machinery.

Unfortunately, maintaining and transporting an excavator for occasional use just isn’t practical and can be quite costly.

At LM Rents, our wide range of heavy equipment rentals solves that problem for you!

Our equipment rental services allow you to quickly and conveniently get the excavator rental equipment you need for your job without all of the extra expenses and hassle.


With our expert equipment rental services, we can quickly and conveniently get you the Excavator rental you need to get your job done right. 

Houston Excavator Rental Benefits

  • Guaranteed Quality

    Our excavator rentals are always kept in the very best shape possible to ensure maximum performance and reliability during your most challenging projects.

  • No Costly Repairs or Maintenance

    When you own an excavator, all of the costs to maintain the equipment are your responsibility. With our equipment rentals, you get the benefits of high-performance and efficiency without the overhead costs.

  • Storage Issues NOT Included

    Personally owning large machinery requires proper storage to keep the equipment protected. When renting an excavator from us, storage is never a concern.

  • New, Top Performing Equipment

    At LM Rents, we only stock the latest models of heavy machinery to ensure top performance. Our team of heavy equipment specialists maintain our stocked equipment regularly so that your job always goes smoothly.

  • Significant Time & Money Savings

    Our excavator rental services are all about providing our customers the convenience and cost savings they deserve. With our heavy equipment rentals, you can ensure your job is always done well and on time.

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Excavator Rentals in Houston

Choosing The Right Excavator for Your Project

When looking for the right excavator rental for your job, sourcing superior equipment is crucial. Our team understands that your time is valuable, so we guarantee satisfaction by ensuring that our machines are always ready to tackle your toughest jobs with ease.

Aspects to consider when picking out an excavator rental:

  • Project Type
  • Engine Power
  • Maximum Operating Weight
  • Bucket Capacity
  • Attachments Needed
  • Full-Size Excavator or Mini

As long as you can describe your project’s needs, our team can provide you with the right machine for the job!

Excavator Heavy Equipment Rentals

A Mini Excavator Rental VS. Full Size

Although many applications may require the maximum power of a full-size excavator rental, not all projects will.

In fact, mini excavators offer many advantages over full-size machinery when applicable:

  • Easier to Transport
  • Light Weight
  • Less On-Site Impact
  • Beneficial Agility In Tight Work Spaces

Mini excavator rentals are ideal for jobs in tight spaces where agile equipment maneuvering is crucial. Our mini excavators offer the same crucial functionality as their full-size counterparts, only on a much smaller and more convenient scale.

Excavator Attachment Rentals

Excavator equipment rentals are incredibly useful for a wide range of projects, offering multipurpose functionality and convenience.

Some of Our excavator rental attachment options include:

  • Augers
  • Hammers
  • Buckets
  • Compactors
  • Couplers
  • Multi-Processors
  • Rakes
  • Rippers
  • Thumbs
  • Grapple Attachments

With our excavator rental attachment options, we can help you complete your jobs faster, easier, and more affordably.

LM Rents – Houston’s Top Excavator Rental Service

If you need an excavator rental you can rely on for your next job, call LM Rents today at 855-956-7368.

Our heavy equipment rental team has the resources to quickly get you exactly what you need for your toughest jobs, whether we have it immediately in stock or not. 

Although it’s unlikely, If you need equipment we don’t have on hand, we will make sure to get it for you within 24 hours to ensure you are fully equipped for your project.

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